Welcome to myhealthyskin.com!  My name is Michelle Levy and I am a medical and aesthetic dermatologist based in Toronto, Canada. I created this site in order to provide my patients, and anyone interested in dermatology, with the best, most reliable information on all things skin.  I hope you find the articles here helpful and informative, and that they enable you to make educated choices when it comes to your skin.

The Internet is a wonderful, powerful tool that brings health information to the fingertips of billions of people. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the web is unregulated, and while there are plenty of excellent sites that provide accurate information on skin conditions, there are many others than misinform. The sheer volume of data available online makes it difficult to identify reliable health resources.  Many of my patients find incorrect information online, or are sold a product or service that makes false claims - problems that can sometimes lead to dire consequences.

I started this site to help prevent that.  As a dermatologist, I truly believe that education is the key to taking control of one's health.  To this end, my goal in this website is to provide candid and accurate answers to common questions about skin conditions and treatments.  My posts are based on the most recent scientific understanding of the skin, as well as on my vast clinical experience practising dermatology. 

A bit about my professional background:  I am board-certified in dermatology in both Canada and the United States.  I have 11 years of experience treating patients with skin conditions and performing cosmetic and surgical skin treatments, and I am actively involved in teaching dermatology to doctors-in-training.  To make sure that I provide the highest standard of medical care, I spend a great deal of time educating myself on recent developments in my field.

People have long been fascinated with beauty and youth, and perhaps it is the external nature of skin that creates the illusion that its biology is more straightforward than that of other organs.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  The skin is highly intricate and continues to surprise and amaze scientists. Part of the reason I love my job is the joy of constantly learning new things about my field and finding new ways to enhance my patient’s lives by improving the health and appearance of their skin.

You'll find a variety of skin-related topics covered here - from cosmetic treatments and skin care to sun safety, acne and skin medications.  Yet this website does not sell skin care products or services, and does not receive funding from pharmaceutical companies or other members of industry.  This allows me to remain independent and unbiased.

Please, join the conversation by sending me your dermatologic questions.  You can do so through the site or at info@drmichellelevy.com.

I look forward to writing for you and I hope that you enjoy browsing through my blog!

Michelle Levy, MD