What is the best way to prevent skin aging?

There are many things we can do to prevent skin aging.  Far and away the most important is sun protection.  It has been estimated that sun exposure is responsible for up to 90% of visible skin aging.  That makes sunscreen an inexpensive and effective means of preventing these skin changes.  In fact, research studies have shown that people who use sunscreen daily dramatically slow the wrinkling of their skin.

The best anti-aging sunscreens are those that protect against ultraviolet A (UVA) in addition to ultraviolet B (UVB).  Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide, Mexoryl™, Tinosorb™ or Avobenzone.

Other measures that have been shown to prevent skin aging include topical preparations containing tretinoin or retinol, anti-oxidants and growth factors. Your dermatologist can advise you on which products may be right for you.  Finally,  certain laser procedures or chemical peels may be able to slow the signs of aging by increasing the skin's production of collagen.

Michelle Levy

Dr. Michelle Levy is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in medical and aesthetic dermatology. A graduate of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Levy provides a full spectrum of dermatologic services in Toronto, Canada. Education: M.D., University of Toronto, 1999 Residency in Dermatology, University of Toronto, 1999-2004 Employment History: Self-employed, North York, Ontario, 2005-Present Medcan. Consultant Dermatologist. 2007-Present