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We think that is the best skin care blog out there, and we hope that once you have browsed this site you will feel the same way.  While there are many, many websites that are dedicated to skin care on the internet, very few are entirely written and curated by a board-certified dermatologist.  We are proud of the content on this site; it is based on the most recent scientific understanding of the skin and the latest medical advancements.  

The Internet is a wonderful, powerful tool that brings health information to the fingertips of billions of people. The web, however, is unregulated, and while there are many excellent websites that provide accurate information on skin conditions, there are many others than misinform. The sheer volume of material available online makes it difficult to identify reliable health resources.  Many people find incorrect information on the internet, or are sold a product or service that makes false claims, sometimes with negative consequences.  The best skin care blog is the one that is accurate, factual and helpful, and does not attempt to sway readers in the name of profit.

Dr. Levy started this site to provide the public with reliable information on skin care, skin conditions and skin treatments.  We at believe that access to correct, unbiased information is one of the keys to achieving health and wellness.  To this end, our goal is to provide our readers with candid and factual answers to common skin care and dermatologic questions. We believe that knowledge is central to navigating health care today, and our goal is to educate our readers and empower them in order to improve their skin's health.

People have long been fascinated with beauty and youth, and perhaps it is the external nature of skin that creates the illusion that its biology is more straightforward than that of other fields of medicine.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  The skin is highly complex and continues to surprise and amaze scientists.  The internet is full of people who have declared themselves skin experts after self-study, or weekend courses, but most of these individuals simply do not possess the wealth and depth of knowledge that board-certification in dermatology provides.

In Canada, dermatologists are medical doctors who complete an additional five years of residency training in dermatology after medical school.  Dermatologists spend years studying the biology of the skin, skin pathology, the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, surgical and cosmetic skin treatments, as well as the maintenance of healthy skin. Following years of study, they must pass rigorous qualifying examinations in order to be certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  Many years of training and tens of thousands of hours of study are required to become a true skin specialist, and it is this rigorous training that creates true experts.

Dr. Michelle Levy's is board-certified in dermatology in both Canada and the United States. She has 12 years of experience treating patients with skin conditions and performing cosmetic and surgical skin treatments, and she is actively involved in teaching dermatology to doctors-in-training.  Dr Levy draws on her accomplished educational background and vast clinical experience with each new post she creates for  We think that it is this perspective on skin health that makes our website the best skin care blog out there.

Frustrated by seeing inaccuracies, as well as the mixing of marketing and salesmanship with skin care information, Dr. Levy created this website in the hope that it would become trusted source for all things skin.  This website is set apart from other skin sites by the fact that it does not sell products or services, and does not receive funding from pharmaceutical companies or other members of industry. This is because, in our opinion, the best skin care blog is unbiased, and provide readers with honest, practical information that is not influenced by financial incentives.   

You'll find a wide range of skin-related topics covered in this site - from cosmetic treatments and skin care to acne, skin cancer and sunscreens.   Our goal is to be the best skin care blog on the web by providing accurate, practical information and education on all things skin.  We sincerely hope that you find our posts helpful and informative, and we would welcome your feedback in this regard. Please - join us by sending us your questions; we would love to blog with you!

Michelle Levy

Dr. Michelle Levy is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in medical and aesthetic dermatology. A graduate of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Levy provides a full spectrum of dermatologic services in Toronto, Canada. Education: M.D., University of Toronto, 1999 Residency in Dermatology, University of Toronto, 1999-2004 Employment History: Self-employed, North York, Ontario, 2005-Present Medcan. Consultant Dermatologist. 2007-Present